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Best Ongoing Hoosier Photo-Essay St. Louis 2007 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch Travel section

We're not fat; we're big-boned. We're not loud; we're just trying to be friendly. We're not hoosiers; we're Americans, dammit. And we can wear whatever we want, wherever we want. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch encourages jet-setting St. Louisans to wear their hometown pride — literally — and photograph themselves doing so abroad. "Include something St. Louis in your next vacation photo. The Cardinals are used often, so feel free to try something new," implores the "Bring It On Home" feature in the paper's Sunday Explore section. Sure enough, Chuck Hook served up a Kirkwood T-shirt in front of the French Open. Tres chick! We've got even better ideas: How's about visiting the Wailing Wall in a Fast Eddie's T-shirt? Or donning a Blues jersey before entering a mosque? Eat your heart out, Milan: St. Louis has got style.
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William H. Leckie, Jr.
William H. Leckie, Jr.

Milan? Heck, walking there one sunny spring morning on my way to the Sforza palace , wearing my ghreasy, frayed-bill Cardinals ballcap--purchased at a 7-11 on Morganford--dirty jeans, duct-taped tennis shoes, a flannel shirt worn at the elbows in West End dives, and clip-on shades, two voices chirped, \\\\\\\"Are you from St. Louis?\\\\\\\" The pair had gone to Parkway West. \\\\\\\"What are you doing here?\\\\\\\" they asked. \\\\\\\"First the wannabes in the City, then Jefferson County got too crowded. \\\\\\\"


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