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Best Place to Buy Sex Toys St. Louis 2007 - TLC Priscilla's

TLC Priscilla's

10210 Page Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63132


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Readers' Choice: Doctor John's
Help! I?ve been married for five years, and the spark is completely gone from our marriage. My husband will barely look at me, no matter what I?m wearing (or even not wearing). We haven?t had sex in months; I?m beginning to think that he?ll never find me attractive again. What can I do?
Sexless in St. Louis

Yo, SISL, two words: TLC Priscilla's. Sure, this county-dwelling store won this category last year, but there's a good reason it always comes (out) on top: variety. Does your man harbor secret desires to cross-dress? TLC Priscilla's workers (and racks of lingerie) will welcome him and his thirst for lacy underthings with open arms. The store is also one of the few places in Missouri that sells Boy Butter — a coconut oil-based lube that's all the rage among the randiest — along with the usual suspects: videos, gag gifts and mags for the spank bank. And while you seem like a rather bold one, SISL, Priscilla's friendly employees also ensure that your less-outgoing gal pals will feel confident enough to purchase their bedroom wares without blushing. Now go slip into something satiny and skimpy — or lusty and latex, whatever floats your boat. If Priscilla's doesn't get hubby up and at 'em, perhaps it's time to make sure he doesn't prefer playing for the other team, if you know what I mean.

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Hustler Hollywood
Hustler Hollywood

You can buy a huge variety of sex toys at Hustler Hollywood, of course. Located at 9802 Natural Bridge rd...right by the airport. You won't find a nicer place to buy adult product anywhere else in St Louis....

donald barth
donald barth

plese send me information on where to buy sex toys


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