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Best Place to Buy Used Clothing St. Louis 2007 - Back on the Rack

Back on the Rack

Back on the Rack

2535 S. Brentwood Blvd.

Brentwood, MO 63144


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Readers' Choice: Goodwill
Back on the Rack packs enough preppy-casual and office-casual clothing that you might never visit the actual Talbots or Ann Taylor stores again. Ignore the display window where one of the two-dimensional mannequins might be wearing an old-ladyish straw hat, and look more closely at the selection of popular, high-quality labels. Tommy Hilfiger, Ecco, Nike. A lawyer striking out on her own could easily stock up. At least that's what one woman who was chatting at the counter with owner Joanne Counce appeared to be doing — though she was trying to talk herself out of buying everything she found. Counce knows that basics, especially in size 12 and up, are what sell. That doesn't mean she ignores the youngsters. Trendier pieces appear here and there among the plain, and the small-size racks are chock-full of what one would find in juniors departments a mile or so down the road at the Galleria. But who needs to go there?
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BACK ON THE RACK is a wonderful store with lots of great cloths. Congrats on being voted #1.


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