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Best Place to Eat Out Alone St. Louis 2007 - Atlas



5513 Pershing Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63112


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Readers' Choice: Saint Louis Bread Co.
"Are you having dinner at the bar tonight?" Owner Jean Donnelly's question never fails to surprise. Of course you're having dinner at the bar. As usual, the restaurant's packed, and you're too self-conscious to request a table for one. But Donnelly's welcoming smile makes you feel like the pater familias of a four-top from Ladue, and her enthusiasm for your dining plans is sincere — and infectious. You're not "having dinner alone at the bar." You're having dinner! Alone! At the bar! Besides, from your barstool you can watch as Donnelly's husband and co-owner, Michael Roberts, and his crew turn out some of the city's best food, classic bistro fare distinguished by the freshness of the ingredients and the elegance of the preparations. And then, because you don't have a companion there to judge you, and because the bartender has assured you it's a perfectly normal thing to do, you order not one, but two of Atlas' amazing desserts to enjoy. Alone! At the bar!
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Barbara Kinder
Barbara Kinder

I was raised in this neighborhood, and the class from the school I went to ,St. Margarets of Scotland, has a reunion every year at Tower Grove Park, I don\\\'t know if it is being maintained better or that as an adult I appreciate it more but it is a beautiful park and I love going through the old neighborhood, everytime I go into the city I realize how much I miss it and that some day,soon I hope, I will move back.


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