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Best Place to See Local Music St. Louis 2007 - The Bluebird

The Bluebird

The Bluebird

2706 Olive St.

St. Louis, MO 63103


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Readers' Choice: The Pageant
Even though relations are the best they've been in many years, the different factions of the local music scene can still be like oil and water, hesitating to mix unless forcibly thrown together. But at new-kid-on-the-venue-block the Bluebird, none of this cliquey baggage applies. South-city lifers, Soulard frat boys (and the sorority squads who love them), college students, bored county kids, hipsters and members of various bands flock to the just-west-of-downtown club attached to the legendary eatery Beffa's — simply to see good music. The uninitiated might scoff that the space looks too much like a VFW hall or church community center (although the thrift-store couches are mad comfy), but the care taken with the Bluebird's amenities makes up for cosmetic shortcomings. In particular, there's consistently good sound, plenty of safe parking and insanely strong drinks, thanks to a jovial bartender with a heavy pouring hand. Even better: For any marquee touring band that comes through town, one or two locals (at least) are guaranteed the chance to open. It all adds up to a club that's refreshingly free of drama and scene history, a place that's helping the local music community develop and grow by focusing on what's really important: music.
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I dont see how a venue that only allows 18+ could be called the best local venue around. I mean, maybe for all the soft crap, but honestly more than half of the people in the heavy local scene are under 18. They're booking shows like Winds of Plague, yet they are only gonna get about 30 people out, and the guys there gonna get are all of beatdown crew, who'll smash everything in sight. Good luck with that.


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