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Best Radio Station St. Louis 2007 - Movin' 101 (101.1 FM)

Readers' Choice: KDHX (88.1 FM)
[Setting: A roomful of older women and a therapist. One of the ladies, a nervous-looking fortysomething blonde wearing jeans and a sweater, begins to speak.]
Hi. Um, I?m a little embarrassed to be in this support group, but my name?s Sally.
[The rest of the room, in unison] ?Hi, Sally.?
This is a big step for me, but I?m here to confess that I?m completely, utterly addicted to Movin? 101.
[Collective gasp]
I know, I know. Once the former station at 101.1 ? R.I.P. ?The River? ? disappeared, thus depriving me of the chance to hear John Mayer and the Goo Goo Dolls every hour, I was upset. Very upset.
[Murmured assent]
But then, well, I started stopping by the station as I was flipping through the dial. And kept hearing pop, hip-hop, ?80s and cheesy ?90s techno songs I liked. Destiny?s Child. Gwen Stefani. Bobby Brown. A lot of Bobby Brown. Prince. Madonna. Soon I found myself gravitating toward the station all the time, hoping to hear things I haven?t heard in ages: Kylie Minogue, George Michael, Soul II Soul, Cypress Hill, Naughty By Nature.
[Woman to Sally?s left starts humming ?Hip Hop Hooray,? then blushes and stops.]
Soon I was sneaking out at night after my husband was asleep, hoping to hear Rednex?s ?Cotton-Eyed Joe? and the latest Rihanna jam. When my daughter caught me lip-synching to Fergie?s ?Fergalicious? in the bathroom mirror, holding a hairbrush while gazing at the cover of the Justin Timberlake CD I stole from her, I knew I?d hit rock bottom.
[Several of the women pat Sally on the back as she hangs her head ashamedly.]
But I know now that I need to only listen to Movin? 101 in the morning to pep me up. A little Kelly Clarkson girl-power goes a long way!
[Everyone applauds. Fade out.]
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I was very disappointed as well to find the x-mas music and even more disappointed to learn that "keep on movin'" 101.1 was changing format because the exec's at "Booooooo"nneville decided to change formats. I've been all over the internet and I've found out what the deal is with 101.1 the switch and now the partnership it's ridiculous. TRUE x-mas music usually and I do stress usually puts people in an overall better mood/state-of-mind and we do need that in these trying (economic) times - not to mention with so much hate and intolerance in the world. But as I've read in looking for answers about what happened to my favorite station - even sports fans don't want to listen to sports TALK all day long(therefore many are considering moving to satellite).But just think about it with the economy in crisis and all the billions of dollars in bailouts it seems so plain to see that the powers that be (trillionaire tycoons of coporate conglomerates) are looking to find another way to power up via the almighty dollar. By making this switch to sports talk radio like many of you all stated there will be an unprecedented switch to satellite radio (many in the x-mas season - everyone will be giving and receiving satellite radio) and once again these trillionaire (gazillionaire - really) tycoons will secure their power base with what else our money. (Because the last time I checked no one I know owns or operates ANY satellites. Happy Holidays. Peace and Love to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think there's something going on. They must be off the air, there's no way a station like that would be playing Xmas music. Where'd they go? I would love to get them back on the air....I loved that station....they played it all. Somebody tell us something.


I, too, am not ready for Christmas music! I did find that their website is no longer active and their phone number is disconnected. What gives? I miss another adult station!


Always listen to your station going to and from work on my commute. Imagine my surprise when all I heard was Christmas music and its only October 10. We don't even have good fall colors going yet. No way. Sorry, its too soon. Had to change the station. Please, wait.....


We always listen to the station at work and love it...until music??? already??? put me in a bad mood!!!!Please no...not yet!!!!!!!


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