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Best Rock Band St. Louis 2007 - Riddle of Steel

[Script treatment for Again, This Is Spinal Tap: Gettin' the Band Back Together. The following exchange takes place between Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins, again played by Christopher Guest and Michael McKean, respectively.]
Tufnel: So, right, I was at Stonehenge the other day, gettin? ideas for our new stage extravaganza, and I ran into these chaps taking photos there for their MySpace page. I believe they call themselves Riddle of Steel.
St. Hubbins: Eh? Like the Dungeons & Dragons-esque nerd-troll thing? Or are they Druids?
Tufnel: No, David ? like the American rock band. They opened for Fishbone earlier this year in Europe, but they?re more...rock. Stoner- rock. I could splice up a spliff and be quite satisfied. Queens of the Stone Age, Year of the Rabbit, Van Halen. That?s who they told me they love.
St. Hubbins: Ah! So their amps go up to eleven! Why, they must be just like us!
Tufnel: [Whispers] Except they also like prog-rock! And the Police! [Resumes normal voice] Yes, exactly! And they?ve had drummer problems too! Nobody spontaneously combusted, but only in the recent times have they found a permanent one, Rob. I hear he?s amazing. Quite energetic, to go along with bassist Jimmy?s monster low-end and vocalist Andrew?s killer riffs and yowling voice.
St. Hubbins: Are they playing over here soon?
Tufnel: Not quite soon. But I?m surprised you haven?t heard them ? their shows are becoming legendary around town for being loud ? ?face- melting? and ?brain-bending? I believe are the terms thrown about. And with a new album coming out in November ? they recorded with Paul Malinowski of Shiner, another large rock band ? why, perhaps we?ve found our opening act on this new tour. We could bill it as Spinal vs. Steel. Riddle of the Tap: Let There be Rock.
St. Hubbins: Hmmm. Perhaps.
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