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Best Rock Radio Program St. Louis 2007 - The Greaser's Lunchbox

A mouthful of blues, a string bass slap-in-the-face sandwich and a fruit-cup-size helping of country — all these things come standard in The Greaser's Lunchbox, the rock & roll food pyramid served up by three parts suave and one part snarky host Al Swacker. Since 1999 Swacker has prepared the best in the "past, present and future" of rockabilly, from Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash to 7 Shot Screamers, the Trip Daddys and everything in between and beyond. While Swacker's a punk rocker at heart, he proudly represents his rockabilly roots. "Rockabilly was the birth of rock & roll," he says. "It was the first music that publicly favored integration. It is country and it is blues and one cannot help but move to it." Listen in on KDHX (88.1 FM) on Thursday from 10 a.m. till noon. You won't go away hungry.
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