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Best Sand Volleyball Courts St. Louis 2007 - Stratford Bar & Grill

Stratford Bar & Grill

Stratford Bar & Grill

800 S. Highway Drive

Fenton, MO 63026


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Just off Interstate 44 opposite the Chrysler plant in Fenton, you'll see the decades-old marquee with mismatched letters announcing some band you've never heard of playing at the Stratford Bar & Grill — a dark, dank place that's also hosted WWE events. The low, shabby cluster of buildings complete with air-conditioning window units held in place by blocks is nothing to look at. But before you get all judgmental, Karch Kiraly, take a gander at the trio of volleyball courts behind the bar, adjacent to the 4,000-square-foot patio: Within the surrounding chain link fence, the soft white sand (shipped in from Florida!) is marked off with taut foul lines, and the sturdy judges' stands look like lifeguard towers. There are plenty of places to sit, and the outdoor bar's just steps away. There are leagues five nights a week, but before 6 p.m. the courts are open for free play — they're even equipped with sprinklers to cool down the sand for your toasty tootsies, should you choose to bump, set and spike in the afternoon sun.
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The Player
The Player

Yes but do those bands ever use the volleyball courts?We need to see more of volleyball as whole. Its on its way up, thanks to the work of so many people, I have to say, you are right in highlighting why many people watch the sport. A lot of people won't change the ideas behind their detrimental comments until they try the sport themselves. The stamina and fitness required before you can even begin to look at increasing your skill level, is enormous. More information Here


i think more black people should play v-ball

Michael Scauzzo
Michael Scauzzo

No name bands that have played at The Stratford,

David Allan CoeConfederate RailroadAultimate Ozzy Satisfaction Hels Bells Thunderhead Mojo Risin Mason Profit Rubber Soul Dr. FeelgoodParadise City Piano ManZak Perry Devon Allaman's Honeytribe Bret MichaelsVixen Just MrFirehouseThink FloydMolly Hatchet Elevation Warrant Trixie DelightReal Me Plastic KingsBitter Pill Bad PennyThat 80's BandThunderHead

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