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Best Skate Shop St. Louis 2007 - S.O.K.A.



14363 Manchester Road

Manchester, MO 63011


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Two types of people frequent S.O.K.A.: The skater who goes to buy a new Toy Machine deck, some grip tape and a pair of Volcom shorts; and the other, who drives five hours from Chicago to find a pair of sneakers. That's because S.O.K.A. is the only place between Kansas City and Chicago that carries SBs, Nike's ultra-limited line of designer skate shoes. But whereas many places that carry the kicks find sneakerheads camped out in front of their stores the night before a new pair is released, S.O.K.A. manages to keep many of the exclusive shoes in stock, resulting in shoe lovers from across the Midwest taking a road trip to Manchester, MO, in the hope of finding that last pair of gray-on-gray, limited-release Pee-wee Herman-model SBs. "People know you can come out here a few weeks after a shoe drops and still be able to get 'em," says co-owner Frank Hunleth, whose store was awarded an SB contract about a year after Nike introduced the brand. Now, says Hunleth, as one of the product's bigger retailers, S.O.K.A. often features some of the more obscure, hard-to-find pairs. Just how far do people travel to browse S.O.K.A.'s SB collection? Says Hunleth: "There was a guy out here from Seattle the other night who bought a couple of pairs."
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ben goeke
ben goeke

this place is the worst thing to happen to STL skateboarding in the last 10 years and i've been doing it for more than 20.

no wonder we don't have a decent park in the city, or county for that matter.

the owner's don't even skate and never have.

if you want skating in STL to die, shop here.

and who gives a $#@! about Nike Dunks, so last year RFT...


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