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Best Sports Bargain St. Louis 2007 - Gateway Grizzlies

Gateway Grizzlies

Gateway Grizzlies

2301 Grizzlie Bear Blvd.

Sauget, IL 62206


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?The young man steps up to the Gateway Grizzlies ticket counter...?
?What a great family that guy?s got, Joe. You can tell just by looking at ?em. Beautiful wife, two smiling kids.?
?He steps up to the counter and ? wait a minute. Can you believe this, Dave? He?s asking for four seats on the first-base line just a few rows back from the field!?
?Whoa! He better be packing serious moolah. Four seats in gorgeous GCS Stadium so close to the field you can hear the players? infield chatter? Joe, that?s going to set him back $80 easy.?
?He?s reaching for his wallet.?
?Maybe even $100. Great seats, a quick walk to the main concession stand. And hey, if you ask me, Joe, those concession prices are pretty reasonable. A bit cheaper than Busch Stadium for much better food. I might head down there between innings myself for some of those pulled-pork nachos.?
?Looks like he?s taking out two $20 bills, Dave.?
?Oh, no! What?s he thinking? What?s he thinking??
?The cashier takes the two twenties and ? I don?t believe it! I don?t believe it! The cashier?s giving him four reserved seats on the first- base line...and four bucks change! I simply don?t believe it!?
?Play of the year right there, Joe. Now, let?s go get some nachos.?
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