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Best Strip Joint St. Louis 2007 - Rhonda's Place

Rhonda\'s Place

Rhonda's Place

10528 Page Ave.

Overland, MO 63132


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You've been to Rhonda's before. It's the place where Tony Soprano has an office in the back, Patrick Swayze is the bouncer, and a down-and-out Billy Bob Thornton comes to drown his sorrows. A pasties bar with black-tinted windows decorated with white "mud flap girl" silhouettes, Rhonda's stands like a burnt-out Christmas-tree light at the end of a string of north-county strip malls on Page Avenue west of I-170. With its roster of dancers who appear to be a ways into their retirement from late-night Cinemax, Rhonda's might not be buck-wild or glitzy like the strip palaces on the east side, but it has the character those places lack. And how. At Rhonda's the dancers provide their own soundtrack via a digital jukebox on the stage. A bucket of Bud bottles sets you back $13 and the word "action" takes on a whole new meaning at the joint's three pool tables. While the bouncer may not look much like Dalton from the Double Deuce, you won't be forgetting him, or your visit, anytime soon.
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Steve Lowe
Steve Lowe

Just love this place and miss it alot!Can't wait to get back to visit.All the girls are great!The owners are the best!


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