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Best TV News Anchor St. Louis 2007 - Mandy Murphey

Readers' Choice: Mike Bush
Mandy Murphey is the kind of anchor Ron Burgundy would try to date. The doe-eyed blonde is smart, cute and keeps it classy. During her tenure, the FOX 2 News co-anchor has garnered enough awards to fill a trophy case or three, including back-to-back Emmys for anchoring in '05 and '06 (she's won eleven Emmys total) and four Edward R. Murrow Awards. Lately no one has paid much attention to her — maybe it's because she's been at KTVI since the early '90s, and we've grown too accustomed to her calm on-air presence. Rest assured, you can catch her straightforward reports on topics ranging from local shootings to Easy-Bake Ovens at 5 and 9 p.m. five days a week. (But if you're holding out hope, sorry, she's married.)
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Hey Mandy--Blast from the past--Pam from MSU. You look great and it sounds like your career is off the charts. Knew it would happen for you:)


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