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Best Weathercaster St. Louis 2007 - Steve Templeton

As everyone knows, the climate in St. Louis is not particularly hospitable to humans. It's a given that the televised forecasts are almost always going to contain bad news, but that fact doesn't even bother us anymore. And why should it? St. Louis has the most handsome weathercaster in the entire nation. KMOV-TV (Channel 4) hired man-candy, erm, meteorologist Steve Templeton in March 2006, and since then we watch Steve every chance we get. Truthfully, we couldn't care less what he's talking about, just so long as he keeps talking. With that dark hair and that sly smile, the blizzard to end all blizzards could be bearing down and we'd stay plenty hot close to the TV screen. Yeah, he is a married man, but no harm in admiring this weatherman's low-pressure system from afar.
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This fool aing got nothing on Dave Murray. Templeton couldn't hold Murray's Jock!! This is ridiculous. Do retarded people pick these awards?


Oh Puh-Lease! Dave Murray. Get a pen and write it down! D-A-V-E M-U-R-R-A-Y. Are we so used to a National level talent that we don't give him props?


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