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Best Adult Video Store St. Louis 2008 - Pure Pleasure Adult Megacenter

Pure Pleasure Adult Megacenter

2626 N. Broadway

St. Louis, MO 63102


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It's a typical Tuesday afternoon downtown. Businessmen and -women are packing into the elevators of the skyscrapers, Cardinals fans are looking for a good bar to pass time before the game and just up Broadway, Pure Pleasure Adult Megacenter is getting its afternoon rush. Don't let the fact that you need to be buzzed into this adult video store concern you. It's the proverbial clean well-lighted place. As you enter, take time to admire the autographed pics of such porn celebs as Britney Rears and Crystal Gunns. The videos are in back, neatly organized by interest — She Male (Without Balls She's a Doll), Classics (Debbie Does Dallas), All Male, Red Light, Amateur, etc. — in terms of length and girth, the collection would impress even John Holmes himself. Not only that, but the prices suit just about any budget. Who knew you could buy porn in the shadow of downtown STL for just $2.95?

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Tom Corbett
Tom Corbett

How do you rate the safety for your customers and does a couple need to wory about being charged money to view a video.

Thomas & Kathy
Thomas & Kathy

Pure pleasure has a lot of potential, but we have decided not to go anymore unless changes are made.It's way to Black for us, meaning, the movies are all Black or Black on white, this is exciting to very few, and not us. The the misic, so lound you can talk, so load it makes you go limp.Idea, change the movies to interest the couples who want to go to a place like PP, and tuen off or way down the music.Go to The Colony, and see how it's suppose to be done for couples who want to watch XXX movies, get naked and have fun.


I totally agree with Andrew. You guys should go check out Romantix in Sauget. I know, I know, it's right there in the midst of a bunch of clubs, but this store just opened at the beginning of the year or something and it is SUPER NICE. they have great lingerie and a super selection of adult stuff. My girlfriends and I went their to get fun things for a bachelorette party. Their website had a pic of the inside even- so you can see what I mean!

Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes

"It's the proverbial clean well-lighted place." I wonder if the author of this piece has even set foot into this place? It is a very dreary looking establishment, smells funny and overall gives you a creepy vibe. I went into the bathroom there (mistake) and the floor was littered with crumpled up tissue. Patricia's (formerly Pricisla's) on the south side is a good example of clean, well lit store. Hustler Hollywood up on Natural Bridge, is an even better example of a clean, well lit store. Inside it looks like a freakin' store you would find in the mall. Plus they are anywhere from $10 - $20 cheaper on new release DVD's than Pure Pleasure. I'll continue to drive the extra 10 minutes north on 70 so i can shop for my dirty porn and no feel dirty in the process!


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