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Best Asian Market St. Louis 2008 - Olive Farmers' Market

Olive Farmers\' Market

Olive Farmers' Market

8041 Olive Blvd.

University City, MO 63130


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The pig is the unquestioned star of the contemporary food scene, but until you have visited the Olive Farmers' Market — not a farmers' market at all, but one of the area's biggest Asian grocery stores — you have absolutely no idea just how diverse Porky's culinary offerings are. Here you will find everything from the gently folded pork face that we lovingly call snoots to dark red bricks of coagulated pork blood to pork intestines to, yes, pork uteri. (They are excellent in hot pots. Apparently.) That extraordinary variety extends to the entire selection at the Olive Farmers' Market. Here you can sample drinks in unexpected flavors (chrysanthemum, anyone?) and enough different kinds of ramen noodles that you might be able to feed yourself through college without any repeats. And while the market might not gleam like the newest supermarkets, you can't feel any closer to your food: Nothing separates you from the whole fish laid out on ice, and the live crabs scuttle over an open pen, their claws snapping at your curious fingers.

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they might have variety of selection, but their workers are terribly rude. They never help customers find what they need. When you ask for help, They either tell you sold out or don`t even carry the item.Cashiers are even worse, if you are using EBT card, They won`t even greet you. Not to mention to get a "smile" or a "thank you". WORST OF SERVICE .


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