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Best Batting Cage St. Louis 2008 - Swing-A-Round Fun Town

Swing-A-Round Fun Town

Swing-A-Round Fun Town

335 Skinker Lane

Fenton, MO 63026


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You'll be pleased to know that the Riverfront Times softball team enjoyed a markedly improved season in 2008, hovering around .500 for much of the summer. While armchair analysts have attributed this uptick in performance to human growth hormone, carbo-loading with Busch beer and questionable calls from the ump, we know that a little practice in the cages goes a long way toward victory (or, in our case, toward something approaching competence). The nine batting cages at the Fenton location of Swing-A-Round Fun Town (there's another location in St. Charles) are arranged in a semicircle, creating a kind of fenced-in Thunderdome for sluggers to let loose on both baseballs and softballs. The wide-open design of the pit allows the batter to place the ball down a baseline or to simply swing for the fences. The price is sixteen swings for a buck; you can also rent cage time for $24 per hour. For added ambiance, take your cuts adjacent to the miniature golf course and the tinkling sounds of the bluer-than-blue waterfall — just like they do in the majors.

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Tony Kirk
Tony Kirk

Hitters Choice cages in Eureka Mo is hands down the finest batting cage in the mid west...let-alone Mo. Want that batting average higher go see the coaches at hitters choice or just go and hit for fun, oh yah ITS AIR CONDITIONEDN