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Best Body Piercing St. Louis 2008 - Allstar Tattoo

Allstar Tattoo

Allstar Tattoo

8601 Olive Blvd.

University City, MO 63130


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Allstar has been known in St. Louis since 2002 for its stellar tattoos, but the studio, located on Olive Boulevard not far east of I-170, also offers piercings at competitive prices. The shop is comfortingly spotless, the piercers friendly and willing to talk even the most nervous Nelly through the piercing process. The shop's motto is "Art for Life," and these folks really believe in it — even if it means talking you out of your decision to have your nose triple-pierced on a dare.

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ricardo h.
ricardo h.

now thats better unlike what you guys publish about CLAIRES at the mall as best piercing,not only is a completly uneducated statement it missdirects young kids to go and do silly things like get their lips or other bodyparts with a gun that is not autoclaveable (sterilization procedure)a gun that was originaly manufactured for the sole purpose of tagging COWS (wich by the way dont have to worry about CROSS CONTAMINATION)like us should!!but i can challenge you right now about the best piercings in st. louis are still not being exposed if you ever want to see work like nothing else on the body art/piercing scene here in st. louis my name is ricardo "wiket"hernandez and i got 4 portfolios full of my art to back up my statements,also certificates of the consecutive seminars from the APP or Asociation of Profesional Piercers,that take place in vegas and mexico city to prove that people that LOVE what they do will put the effort and money to keep improving as finish this ill tell you that if after you see my work you dont change your mind about piercing actually being art ill buy you and all your staff a BEER !!i got sum work at myspace to give you an intro my URL is /kikitwiket but the full extent of my work is at the shop at the loop at Enigma on the second floor in between vintage vinyl and the pizza house .


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