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Best Bosnian Restaurant St. Louis 2008 - Taft Street Restaurant and Bar

Taft Street Restaurant and Bar

Taft Street Restaurant and Bar

4457 Gravois Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63116


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Bosnia-Herzegovina stands at a crossroads of geography and history, and its cuisine reflects the region's many diverse influences from Europe's east, west and south. No restaurant better expresses this diversity than Taft Street Restaurant and Bar, where you can enjoy both hummus and potatoes in a thick mushroom cream sauce, both fried goat cheese and a steak stuffed with mushrooms. Actually, stuffed meats are something of a specialty here: Especially good is chicken stuffed with cheese and spinach and then battered and fried. Seafood is also featured: trout, tilapia and a pasta dish with scallops and shrimp. Need a pick-me-up after your meal? Bosnian coffee is very dark and very strong.

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I am looking to eat CEVAPI. Does anyone know the closest place for me to go to? I live in Myrtle Beach SC.. Thanks


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