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Best Bouncer St. Louis 2008 - Darryl Brown

Darryl Brown

Darryl Brown

6691 Delmar Blvd.

University City, MO 63130


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The parallels between attending a show at Cicero's and playing the first level of Super Mario Bros. are stunning. The primitive video game involves three simple, yet tedious stages (parking, walking to the club, and waiting in line, respectively), ultimately ending in the final stage: an encounter with a large, menacing boss character whom you must pass to enter the castle. At Cicero's this metaphorical giant green turtle is doorman/bouncer Darryl Brown. There's nary a point during any Cicero's show at which there is any question of who is in control of your evening's destiny when Brown runs the door. The man is intimidating and relentless — the two main requirements for proper club security. Questions such as "When does the door open?" are often answered with straightforward mom-isms like "when I decide to open it." For Brown, thoroughness is key; he's as persnickety about checking IDs for 21+ bar shows as he is for almost-all-ages 16+ shows. No driver's license? Sorry, your princess is in another castle.

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Justin Stonebarger
Justin Stonebarger

Personally I've never had any problems with Darryl. He does his job of juggling who is going in and out of the venue. He holds his ground, but doesn't come across as an "asshole bouncer" type. Chances are you were acting like a wanna-be rockstar or you thought you owned the place. Cicero's does a kick ass job of hosting various styles of music now with success. Kudos to Darryl for getting his props again this year.


worst bouncer ever, especially for those under 21. one time i was hauling my bass and gear into the venue and the bastard wouldn't let me in! it's a shame cicero's doesn't bring in the same kind of music that used to make that place special, but at least i don't have to put up with that prick of a bouncer


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