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Best Bubble Tea St. Louis 2008 - OR Juice & Smoothie

OR Juice & Smoothie

OR Juice & Smoothie

6654 Clayton Road

Richmond Heights, MO 63117


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To boba or not to boba, that is the question. And the answer? Of course you should have boba with your bubble tea — you only live once, right? Those pea-size near-black tapioca balls add a bit of surprise to your beverage encounter: Will there be a boba in this slurp? Will there be two? Or will you have to wait for the next swig to get any boba at all? Only the boba knows. It also can guide you to the best place to experience this mystery in a cup: OR Juice & Smoothies, of course! The extensive drink menu here offers several lip-smacking bubble teas. The taro-root option is the tastiest for our money; kind of nutty, with just a hint of milky chai, its flavor is as puzzling as the boba itself. And for a more fruity refresher, try the lychee or the cherry. Both are delicious and bobalicious.

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i think its insane, this place gets best bubble tea. its so horrible. by RFT times giving them best bubble tea in STL is pretty much saying STL bubble tea sucks.

not better way in saying it other than this place has horrible hard boba tea


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