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Best Casino St. Louis 2008 - Lumière Place

Lumière Place

Lumière Place

999 N. Second St.

St. Louis, MO 63102


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Readers' Choice: Lumière Place

From the psychedelic carpet underfoot to whiz-bang gadgetry that hangs in the form of flat-screen TVs above, Lumière Place is St. Louis' newest and only entertainment complex downtown that includes a neon mullet. The light fixture that graces the casino's Four Seasons hotel resembles a mane of hair shocked with Manic Panic hair dye, attracting the eyes of gamers and passersby on Interstate 70. In past years the title of Best Casino in the metro area's growing gaming market would be arguable, as each gambling complex grew into more of an adult Disneyland each year. In 2008 there's no argument that the best casino in St. Louis is Lumière Place. The view from the rooftop pool at the Four Seasons is as breathtaking as any in town, with sightlines to downtown and the Gateway Arch that feel intimate in their proximity. Six dining options tempt hungry gamblers, and the gaming floor itself — often overlooked in today's casinos — is a vast spread of blinking lights and tables punctuated by the shriek of the lady who just won, again, at $10-a-hand poker.

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How can you call this eyesore the best anything? I'll grant you the carpet is trippy, but the building is such an ugly blight it gives me rage attacks every time I drive past it.


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