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Best Cupcakes St. Louis 2008 - The Cupcakery

Shhh. Be very, very quiet. We're hunting for rare variations of the elusive cakeus minimus, better known as the cupcake, and we've been told that cozy Central West End shop the Cupcakery is the place to find them. Wait — there! Did you see that? That was a Tuxedo, whose distinguishing feature is a mini chocolate-cream cookie perched atop a layer of pillowy vanilla buttercream. Ah — and there went a Peanut Butter Cup! It's known by its tan, nutty buttercream and crumbles of peanut butter/chocolate candy, as well as for its uncommonly rich dark chocolate cake. And if you see a Strawberries 'n' Cream, please tell us — it only appears 'round these parts about once a month, but its berry sweetness melts away in airy puffs of glittering sugar. Rarer species such as Pumpkin Harvest emerge even more sporadically, making them that much more desirable — and forget trying to lasso an Island Dream & Grasshopper; its essence of mint is so strong that it's not even found in the wild, but in a separate, contained environment within the store. You're better off trying to nab a common species like Double Chocolate, whose spongy, moist cake and milky buttercream converge in a heavenly cocoa explosion.

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One of the co-owners, Nicole Panepinto, seems to be a sardonic wretch. If you believe in a corollary between management, customer service, and importantly the food, then you might want to consider going elsewhere.

Perhaps it�s that Ms. Panepinto�s youth has passed her by. Or maybe it�s that she�s painfully aware that walking down the alter to exchange those sacred marital vows is an increasingly elusive possibility for her. If she�s unmarried at her arguably advanced age, it is likely the product of her behaving like a profligate knave.

Of course, all of this is just an opinion of Ms. Panepinto who seems to epitomize a sardonic wretch (redundancy regarding this point is helpful). How does that bode for customer service? Hopefully you won�t need to judge.


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