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Best Fast Food St. Louis 2008 - Lion's Choice

Lion\'s Choice

Lion's Choice

14919 Manchester Road

Ballwin, MO 63011


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In these fast-casual times, it's easier than ever to condemn straight-ahead fast food as "unhealthy" or "greasy." But we come from a generation that was raised on the stuff! We can't deny our roots now, at least not forever. Whether we like it or not, we need fast food. We need it on road trips, we need it when we're in a hurry, we need it when we're hung-over and driving around in our jammies and can't get out of the car and we need it when we're tired of accepting subpar French fries. Right? Right! So where to? No place is any better at what it does than Lion's Choice. The chain, which began as a single Red Lion Beef House in Ballwin more than four decades ago, has expanded to include nineteen area locations and a handful of others in Missouri, Florida and Oklahoma. This means that the Choice of the Lion is always close at hand, whether you're on a road trip or out on a jammie jaunt. And French fries? They're to die for. They're thin-cut with a bit of skin left on them, and they're even more delicious when dipped in a 50-50 ratio of barbecue and horseradish sauces. Plus, they're the perfect complement to a roast beef sandwich with Swiss. Now, while beef is this chain's specialty, don't be fooled into thinking it doesn't do its other offerings well. Turkey sandwich? Tasty. Cream of broccoli soup? Rich and savory. Orange freeze? A flawless finish to a fab fast-food meal.

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I don't get why they are considered the best.

The last two times I ate there was horrible food and service.

The one time my husband and I ordered a couple sandwiches and fries. They didn't shake the fries out of the fryer. It had grease on the out part and not just seeping through, but actual drops of oil.

My husband mentioned something about how much grease there was and the manager at that time stated well their fries their not a health food.

No we don't expect them to be healthy per se, but we don't want them so greasy where we couldn't even eat them.

So we thought maybe that was just one location.

The next location we ate at the salad has bologna as a meat in a chef salad. I can make better at home.

John Wayne
John Wayne

I frequent the Lion's Choice on Chippewa. The healthy menu is only topped by the fast and friendly service. A++


The LC in St Louis Hills has the nicest employees i have ever seen in a quick service establishment.The high quality and healthy food choices are great comfort in a greasy fast food world.


The cheap dip cones are awesome as well!


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