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Best Hot Dog St. Louis 2008 - Pam's Chicago Style Dogs & More

Pam\'s Chicago Style Dogs & More

Pam's Chicago Style Dogs & More

6016 Delmar Blvd.

University City, MO 63130


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Pam's offers thirteen different dogs to choose from. The one that bears the restaurant's name, the Chicago-style hot dog, is served on a poppy-seed bun and topped with peppers, a pickle, neon-green relish and chopped onions. This busy and bizarre concoction is what they eat at Wrigley Field. Since there's no such thing as a St. Louis-style sausage that you can order to show your Cardinals pride, we suggest the Maxwell Street Polish Sausage. It's a quarter-pound of plump, juicy Vienna beef sausage grilled and topped with yellow mustard and grilled onions. It's simple, delicious and tastes as sweet as a World Series victory. In other words, it's a flavor the fans at the friendly confines won't be savoring any time soon.

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Come on now, RFT, do your research. If you want to slam the Cubs & Chicago, maybe you should pick another item from Pam's that doesn't hail from the Windy City. The Original Maxwell Street Polish is from Chi-town, after all.

And let's stick to the topic (food) at hand, shall we? Leave the baseball loyalties out of it.