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Best Ice Cream Parlor St. Louis 2008 - Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream

Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream

Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream

8130 Big Bend Blvd.

Webster Groves, MO 63119


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It's not ice-cream store; why is ice cream served in a parlor? Parlor — or parlour if you want to be all Oxford about it — is derived from parle, or "to talk," which indicates that the parlor is a room where people gather to talk. In Latin, one supposes. Granted, it has a nicer ring than a more vernacular "ice-cream joint" (like burgers) or the insidiously banal "ice-cream place," but the distinctly American usage of parlor means just that: a place. The only other food served in a "parlor" is pizza (or at least that's the only one that comes to mind); outside of that, only beauty, tattoos and funerals are served in parlors. The word's a holdover from another age that didn't get mangled like iced cream (we've since dropped the "D"). In the end, etymology is far less important than food, and food, really, is far less important than dessert. Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream earns this honor by keeping it simple: The parlor concentrates its efforts on ice cream (along with hot dogs, brats and the odd chocolate-dipped frozen banana), made with simple, natural ingredients. Flavors range from the Neapolitan standbys (that's fresh strawberry, with chunks) to St. Louis-centric Gooey Butter Cake — which, as you might expect, is brilliant. While you're there, chat with owner Beckie Jacobs, pitch new flavors, discuss local purveyors or talk about the weather. After all, parlors are for talking. And eating.

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Seth Gold
Seth Gold

This is hands-down the best ice-cream I have ever had the pleasure to taste. They make EVERYTHING fresh from scratch every single day.

Very importantly for me, they have coconut and banana available everyday.

This is an absolute gem in St. Louis.


I have visited Serendipity more times than I can count. Each and every time was a remarkable and pleasant experience. That is, until today. I would say that they were out of more ice cream then they had available. I also noticed that their new edition was open. It however, was extremely dirty. The floor looked as if it had never been washed. When I went to the water cooler I noticed that the tray that additional water flows into had pink mold all around it. I brought someone there for the first time and she was also taken back by the uncleanliness. I looked for the A on the window and it was present but I can guarantee that if the board of health was in there today the A probably would not remain. Also the counter they were putting the ice cream on was directly above the open cabinet that contained the cleaning products.


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