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Best Indian Restaurant St. Louis 2008 - Ruchi

No restaurant could encompass the entire cuisine of India, a nation of 1.1 billion people and — it sometimes seems — nearly as many recipes. That said, Ruchi does a bang-up job showcasing the extraordinary range of this ancient fare, from the royal Mughal cuisine of India's north to the fiery dishes of its south and more than a few stops in between. Try the traditional southern dish dosa, a large, thin rice pancake stuffed with one of several different chutneys and vegetable mixtures. More familiar dishes — curries, kormas, vindaloos — are quite good, but if you can't decide between the new and the tried-and-true, consider Ruchi's buffet. Available for lunch and weekend dinner, the buffet — which not only offers a wide array of dishes but, in some cases, stuff to pair 'em with — is legendary among local Indian food aficionados.

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