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Best Junk Store St. Louis 2008 - Fellenz Antiques

Fellenz Antiques

Fellenz Antiques

439 N. Euclid Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63108


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For this category we're defining "junk" as "salvage of a lost civilization" rather than "ugly Big Bird cookie jars." (For which, see Best Thrift Store.) In other words, one man's junk is Bill Fellenz's "Architectural Artifacts." You won't find Mr. T air fresheners here, but you will find doors without doorways, doorknobs without doors, escutcheon plates without keyholes and keys without locks. All in a pleasantly cram-packed shop that smells venerable — like ancient dust. Fellenz Antiques has been around for 48 years, and its rescued junk was all made an even longer time ago, out of genuine metal, wood and glass. Looking for an ornate and rusty widow's walk? Fellenz has pieces of one from Ohio, without the widow. How about some elaborate acorn-encrusted balcony rails? Plenty from New Orleans here. Massive quarter-sawn oak balustrade from demolished mansion? "Swan on pond" art-glass window? Cast-iron fireplace surround? Eastlake drawer pulls? Miscellaneously embellished grates, hooks and brackets? A bin full of old-fashioned latches? The history for sale here has that authentic, dinged-up patina that the reproductions in restoration catalogs will never be able to duplicate. Go get some before it's as gone as the world it came from.

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anne cooper interiors
anne cooper interiors

Do you have any pedestals or bases that would be appropriateas a granite desk base. Desk top size 4 ft. x 6 ft. Need approx28" to 29" high as granite is 3/4".

Open to color and texture and material.Thanks you


Well that was a glowing review. I went there today. Arrived at 1:50 PM and was told they were closing in 10 minutes. That is odd, all the info points to you being open until 3:00 PM. Needless to say you had better write down the address because you WILL drive right by it if you do not. There is no sign on the front of the store other than the address. Do they have some stuff to look at, yes. That is if you are ONLY looking for Victorian accents. Solid doors and some with leaded glass, mantels, some spindles and 90% of the iron they carry is only for the fireplaces. Price wise it is what you would expect, way to high for salvage, and not that great of salvage I must say. Depending on what you are looking for be prepared to do some repair on anything wood. There was quite a bit of water on the floor halfway through the store when I went in. Does that give the store the "oh so romantic smell" that it has, yes. It also causes a lot of movement in anything made with wood. It expands there, soaking up the humidity and then shrinks when you have it in your home after a month or so. If you decide to go there take an actual craftsmen with you. They more than anybody else can help you select something. Just remember, go early or you may not have that much time to shop. I however, will not return.


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