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Best Middle-Eastern Restaurant St. Louis 2008 - St. Louis Coffee Oasis & Mediterranean Café

St. Louis Coffee Oasis & Mediterranean Café

St. Louis Coffee Oasis & Mediterranean Café

8 S. Euclid Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63108


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"Hello, my friend." Belal al-Ramahi might not know you by name. This might even be your first visit to his Central West End restaurant and coffee shop. It doesn't matter. To al-Ramahi, "guest" isn't just a pleasant euphemism for "customer." He is your host, frantic but friendly, his booming voice offering suggestions while he makes a latte, answers a phone call and carves meat for a gyro. (Sometimes, it seems, all at once.) You would be wise to listen to his advice — though, really, whatever you order here is guaranteed to please, from the strong coffee drinks to the delicious gyro meat topped with salad and tangy tzatziki sauce. The pastry case, with nutty and sweet rugelach and baklava, among other divine treats, is so appealing you will want to make St. Louis Coffee Oasis your second home. (Though when have has anyone been this nice to you at your actual home?)

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Dawn Ashby
Dawn Ashby

Good Karma.

It started out as an awful day, met my law student daughter at the civil court house for a mock trial for her class, left my lights on and my car wouldn't start. Hungry, soaked from a drizzly rain we hopped in her car and went in search of food. Not wanting the old stand-bys we searched the GPS and found a place. Par for the course we found the spot only to be closed down. Right across this quaint street we stumbled in for a warm coffee while we decided where to have dinner. Belal al-Ramahi behind the counter was chatting with a w to-go order customer. I loved him his attitude and elbowed my daughter and smiled. �Let�s stay here,� I whispered.

With no idea what to order for our coffee drink, he wasted no time saying, � I will make you exactly what you want. Do you like sweet? Chocolate? What do you like? �Both�, we interrupted and he whipped us up a drink to make us say, �Yum.� The food was divine and as vegetarians we were thrilled with our choices as well as choices for anyone who is a non-vegetarian.

It could only be the essence of good Karma that surrounds such a man as Belal al-Ramahi that changed our day from a nightmare to good �ol St. Louis fun. Like magic we emerged from his caf�o sunshine, placed bags into my daughter�s trunk to find jumper cables she didn�t know existed, went back to the car and got it started. We ended spending the evening in St. Louis enjoying every moment.

For interesting delicious dining I recommend St. Louis Coffee Oasis & Mediterranean Caf�8 S Euclid Ave., St. Louis, MO. I hope you feel the magic that we experienced!


Wonderful day in St. Louis! Hours open will meet any need. Belal al-Ramahi is there to serve you like a whirl-wind placing your needs first. Don't know what to order? Just ask him and he will make you something perfect! Is there some magic at this Oasis? Someone who never met you before asks you if you like sweet, not sweet, chocolate? and then "poof!" You have exactly what you have been craving and didn't know it! Nothing more fun then stumbling into a cafe for the first time and feeling like you've made a great friend. And the incredible, maybe better than he promised.

This is what dining out is all about!


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