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Best Neighborhood Bar (North County) St. Louis 2008 - Judy's Fireside Lounge

Judy\'s Fireside Lounge

Judy's Fireside Lounge

2109 Charbonier Road

Florissant, MO 63031


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Readers' Choice: Deaver's Restaurant & Sports Bar and Rhonda's Place (tie)

The fire never goes out at Judy's. While there is in fact a functional fireplace at the ancient Overland watering hole, in the scorching summer months a neon sign burns eternally above the cozy hearth tucked in the corner. Judy, the bar's namesake, died years ago, so the pints are now poured by her old business partner, Suzie. A crane operators' union and a benevolent motorcycle club called the Missouri Mules frequent the place. Everybody knows everybody. On Thanksgiving the regulars get together to deep-fry turkeys in the parking lot. Around Valentine's Day they stage a meat shoot, taking aim at targets with BB guns — inside the bar. There's shuffleboard, a couple of pool tables and a jukebox heavy on Johnny Cash and David Allan Coe. Judy's is everything a neighborhood bar should be: friendly, blue-collar and, of course, warm in the winter.

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You say that it's in Overland, then give an address in Florissant??? They are not close? Which is it?



By far, the CHARLACK PUB, 8334 Lackland, St. Louis, MO. 63114, (314) 423-8119.

Best patrons, good friends, GREAT MUSIC..! I can sit at the Charlack Pub and listen to some of THE BEST music in the St. Louis area.

There's NO COVER charge for the Charlack Pub, and in this economy that's an added bonus...

Talk about the best kept secret in North County, this is it... You can't believe the TALENT that comes through those doors..!

You can check out the Charlack Pub by logging onto|:

OR, simply come out... They have music there on WED, THURS. FRI, SAT... Try it... You'll be hooked!


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