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Best New Restaurant St. Louis 2008 - Pappy's Smokehouse

Pappy\'s Smokehouse

Pappy's Smokehouse

3106 Olive St.

St. Louis, MO 63103


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Winning sports teams often cite "chemistry" among the players as a reason for their success. The metaphor works for restaurants, too. In fact, Pappy's Smokehouse can credit actual chemistry — you know, the subject you slept through in high school — for being named Best New Restaurant. After all, what is barbecue but the most delicious and, in its own way, elegant chemistry of all? Tough cuts of meat, cooked long and low over apple and cherry wood, become Pappy's indescribably delicious pulled pork, pork ribs and beef brisket. Chemistry also imbues all that meat with a gorgeous dark pink smoke ring, the telltale tattoo of great 'cue. Now add to that the other chemistry: Owner Mike Emerson works the floor as if the success of his midtown restaurant depended on that very moment. He greets regulars and newcomers alike waiting in the long line with a hearty handshake; he clears tables and serves food. When Pappy's runs out of meat, that's it: Emerson would rather close his doors than serve yesterday's reheated goods. To those who seek greatness in multimillion-dollar build-outs and fancy cuisine, however soulless, Pappy's might seem like just another barbecue joint. But to those who appreciate the rare chemistry of great food, great people and a passion for serving the best possible product — well, Pappy's ain't rocket science. It's a bona fide miracle.

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Teri Davis Newman
Teri Davis Newman

Great 'cue taste and super nice people running the place. The smoke flavor in the meat is outstanding but a bit more time in the smoker would make it meltingly tender as the brisket is a tad chewy and the ribs have to be gnawed off the bone rather than the meat walking off the rib as God intended. Mike the owner is probably the nicest guy in the world and is always there.


We are traveling to NM & AZ and are planning on stopping at you restaurant in MO because we heard it was so good but first we are stopping at a BBQ on Brooklyn Ave in Kansas City, MO. Hope to see you the second week of April.Tegards,helene


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