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Best Pizza (Thin Crust) St. Louis 2008 - Dewey's Pizza

Dewey\'s Pizza

Dewey's Pizza

559 N. and S. Road

University City, MO 63130


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Readers' Choice: Imo's

Sorry, St. Louis-style fans. Cincinnati is the place to be. That's where Andrew DeWitt — yes, yes, of those DeWitts — opened the first Dewey's Pizza. Since then the small chain has spread throughout Ohio and, thankfully, to St. Louis as well. There's no great secret to Dewey's success, just great pies, great service and — thanks to a music selection that has spawned its own stream on the Dewey's website — great atmosphere. The pies are thin but not too thin: You can chew and taste the crust. Toppings will satisfy mushroom-and-sausage purists as well as kalamata olive-feta cheese fancy pantses. And the red sauce is so good you might make a pilgrimage to Cincinnati just to learn the recipe. See if they'll accept some Provel in trade.

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Yep RFT, DEAD wrong:Imo's till death.


Dewey's is wonderful. Great atmosphere. Great service. And yes, GREAT pizza. But sorry RFT. You're wrong to label what they sell as "thin" crust. And you're delusional to even think it's "St. Louis style." It isn't thick but it certainly ain't thin - I guess it's technically closer to being "hand tossed." For St. Louis thin stick with Imo's or Fortels. Forget Dewey's if you want St. Louis style pie.


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