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Best Place to Get Goosebumps St. Louis 2008 - Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn

Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn

Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn

3322 DeMenil Place

St. Louis, MO 63118


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Some of you get your thrills on the topsy-turvy belly-sinkers at the amusement park, but that's not our scene. We prefer a more supernatural source for our scares — we love to get our spook on at the Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn. Not only does this historic building play host to murder-mystery dinners every Friday and Saturday and offer spine-chilling tours each Monday, but it also has its own haunting history, which makes for a perfectly fearsome setting. Three of the members of the Lemp brewing family committed suicide in the manse, perhaps leaving behind more than just tragic tales — bwah-ha-ha-ha! In fact, an eerie vibe just emanates from the house, giving visitors a ghostly sense of foreboding, even out on the street.

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I have been there. We went for the dinner theatre and it was awesome! The mansion is VERY eerie and even with a house full of people, there were things going on all around us. We walked all through the house each floor and it was very eerie. We saw the room where they hid the little boy and that was terrifying. THe have now blocked off the tunnel to the brewery downstairs, as it is too haunted to tour anymore. It was a very exciting experience! We wanted to stay the night in William Lemp's room. (there were 4 of us). But, they will tell you that NO ONE has made it through the night and there are no refunds, so we decided against it. All in all ~ I would absolutely do it again! Even if you don't go for the dinner theatre, go for the tour if this is your kind of thing. As they say, you can even feel the presence of the spirits from the outside... Its true. An especially from the window of the room that the little boy was locked in. But you can judge for yourself.... If your not afraid too!


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