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Best Restaurant When Someone Else Pays St. Louis 2008 - Cielo



999 N. 2nd St.

St. Louis, MO 63102


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Readers' Choice: Tony's

Everything about the new Four Seasons Hotel is exceptional and elevated to new heights: the hospitality, the amenities and, well, the price. But dinner at Cielo is worth the hefty price tag. (And hey, you're not paying.) After all, you don't just go to Cielo, you ascend to it — through the minimalist Four Seasons foyer that looks more like a modern-art museum than a ho-hum hotel entryway, up the elevator to the eighth floor, through the chic lobby and, finally, to your cushy seat overlooking the hotel's infinity pool (oh, and that little novelty we call the Arch). Executive chef Karen Hoffman cooks Italian haute cuisine that hits all the right notes, and the salads and small plates are particularly excellent. Pappardelle with veal cheek will send even the most jaded foodie into raptures — although, at $18 for a small portion, you'll be glad you're not the one whipping out the AmEx at evening's end. Other standouts include a Chioggia beet salad and perfectly prepared salmon; the workmanlike fish is rendered downright amazing by its accompaniments of pickled tomatoes and speck (similar to prosciutto, but cured boneless, and smoked). Several entrées break the $30 mark, and wines by the glass average about $12 per, but it's hard to put a price tag on the experience — and, seeing as how you're not paying, you don't have to.

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If you�re looking for casino food, atmosphere, and view this is the place. If you�re looking for authentic Italian food, The Hill is the place to go.


If you don't want to eat real italian food and pay $$$$ then go to CIELO restaurant. Service, plate presentation (which can really trick you into thinking that is actually good food) and the view were great but that's about it.To summarize our experience (by the way we are 3 native italian chefs, and one of us currently getting his CMC) for $ 250 here's what we got to sample:rancid salami, stail bread, twice corked Brunello di Montalcino wine ($ 100 per bottle and they don't even have a sommelier), crunchy cold tasteless oxtail ravioli (yes, I know... how can oxtail be tasteless??? well you have the answer at cielo restaurant!!!) chewy/rubbery lobster not to mention a totally flavorless beef carpaccio (I think anybody could beat the crap out of a filet mignon and smack it nicely on a plate with some lettuce and some shaved sweaty parmigiano). After the raving reviews about this place we decided to go and get some authentic italian food ... this was the worst attempt of good italian food. Our biggest surprise though was that the chef the cuisine is actually italian (from Turin, I guess to close to the french border) and we could not wait to meet him but he blew us off since he was extremaly busy on a Monday night feeding the other 2 tables that were in the restaurant.But don't worry about us because we had a wonderful provolone bacon cheese burger at BBS for $ 8 at 10.30 at night. Cielo restaurant should change name into Dante's Inferno


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