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Best Side Project St. Louis 2008 - Thor Axe

By day the kids who compose So Many Dynamos are unassuming indie rockers with thick, black-framed glasses and tight vintage T-shirts. By night they are the metal-worshipping, guitar-shredding demons behind Thor Axe. With more than a touch of irony, they rock songs that are entirely instrumental and sound like the speed-metal soundtrack to a Nintendo video game circa 1991. Each member of the lineup, which adds three to the standard Dynamos quartet, is given a silly title for his instrument (like "Lead Guitar Number 2"). They proceed to grind their way through an epic barrage of two-hand-tapping, erratic time-changing anthems. It's a perfect match for their double-entendre name, which the ever clever band members say is an homage "to the God of sweet riffs."

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Thor Axe drinks the blood of starving children all over the world and regurgitates it through their instruments.


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