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Best Sound St. Louis 2008 - The Delmar Loop on a Friday night

It's funny how the amalgamation of several individually annoying sounds can sometimes morph into an accidental symphony of invigorating energy. The Delmar Loop on a Friday night certainly qualifies, as droves of chattering teens, cacophonous hippy drum circles, sub-low bass frequencies rattling from the trunks of cars and a street musician's desperate saxophone squeals converge, forming an atmosphere of youthful exuberance and idealized diversity. At a time when the overall safety and security of the Loop is being called into question, one can't help but consider the importance of retaining the ideals of a place where the voices of such a diverse cross section of the city can be heard in unison.

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Laura Schuchart
Laura Schuchart

I heard rumors that the drum circle will still take place in the loop in a parking lot behind a building somewhere, so I take back what I said about the outdoor shopping mall, the loop isn't to that point yet. But Racanelli's still sucks. And also the drum circle isn't just hippies. It is MANY different types of people and cultures in one environment.

Laura Schuchart
Laura Schuchart

Actually, that 17 year old legendary drum circle is no more. It got taken over by the evil, greedy, Racanelli's nasty twice-baked outdoor pizza patio, and two of the oldest bars in the loop got shut down so unless you want to go see a show at the pageant or blueberry hill don't waste your time bc the loop is nothing better than an outdoor shopping mall.


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