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Best Whole Roast Chicken St. Louis 2008 - Schnucks



10070 Gravois

St. Louis, MO 63123


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If a whole-roasted chicken isn't available after 7 p.m., does it still have a taste? Oh, it so does. It's the taste of a "King of the Hill" sammich — packed full of ham, shredded lettuce, gooey cheese and ripe tomatoes served in between bakery-fresh French bread — offered up for free if Schnucks' deli has sold out of its succulent birds before 7 p.m. Sshhh. We only take advantage of this freebie when we have to — one of the local grocery chain's delish BBQ, herb and original chickens, about the size of your head, can feed a family of four for under $7. But that's right: If the whole-roast chickens are not home to roost before 7 p.m., a "King of the Hill" is yours, free, for the (polite) asking.

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Kevin Stewart
Kevin Stewart

Sam's Club roasted chickens are MUCH better. Larger and juicer