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Best Bike Shop St. Louis 2009 - St. Louis Bicycle Co.

St. Louis Bicycle Co.

17409-C Chesterfield Airport Road

Chesterfield, MO 63005


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Readers' Choice: Big Shark Bicycle Co.

Most folks can't ride their bikes to St. Louis Bicycle Co., but its location in far west county is worth the trip in the ol' gas guzzler. This inviting bike shop carries three cult-favorite brands — Scott, Jamis and Independent Fabrication — as well as all manner of accoutrements. What really sets St. Louis Bicycle Co. apart, though, is the service. You won't encounter any cooler-than-thou attitudes here. Even the novice cyclist's questions will be answered in a friendly and uncondescending way. Plus, if you buy a bike, the shop throws in two years' of free tune-ups.

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John- Sorry for going out of business, that was never my goal...

Anon- I've never tried to sell someone the wrong size bike just because it was sitting there. Your many years of fitting and adjusting bicycles for a living must outweigh mine, so I bow to your expertise. Sorry things didn't work out, but "good riddance" is a bit harsh for someone's way of making a living- I hope your's never gets pulled out from under you.




About 8 months ago the guy tries selling me a Jamis Coda that was at least 3 sizes too large (the only one they had in the shop). According to him, "you spend more time riding that you do dismounting". Yeah, try telling me that after my sack gets ruptured. I imagine they were about to go belly up and knew it. Good riddance.


Great pick since now they're out of business. Maybe you should try again and pick a store that will actually stay in business before the year runs out.


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