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Best Boxing Gym St. Louis 2009 - North County Athletic Association

North County Athletic Association

2798 Old Hanley Road

North St. Louis County, MO 63114


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There was a time when seventy-five, a hundred kids worked out every day in Jimmie Howell's gym. Come Golden Gloves tourney time it was all Howell could do to tape the fists fast enough for his boys to get in the ring and fight. Of course, that was ten, twenty, thirty years ago. To keep ten kids on the roster regularly today counts as success. "It's a tough, tough sport," says Howell, founder of the North County Athletic Association. "There's so many distractions today, we're lucky if 10 percent stick around." But that doesn't mean Howell's punching out anytime soon. On the other side of 70 years old, he's still got plenty left to give. "My father ran the gym when I was a kid, and I would like to keep giving back some of what was given to me," he says. And how: Howell and his three fellow trainers run the gym at no cost to fighters. To pay the rent, they depend on donations, fundraisers and door charges at fights. Though Howell's known for his soft side in a violent sport, he's respected by fighters, trainers and refs alike.

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North County Gym is a great place for kids to be in a safe environment and learn good boxing skills at the same time.  Jimmie is easy going and keeps his gym a great place for young and old to train.   Don't plan to come and "hang out" . . . Jimmie will put you to work!!   Everyone respects Jimmie. . .  he is a guy who can be trusted.

Sylvia Eppley


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