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Best Breakfast Pastry St. Louis 2009 - The Morning Bun

The Morning Bun

The Morning Bun

8143 Maryland Ave.

Clayton, MO 63105


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Some things are worth waking up early for. Not a heavy, glutinous muffin, certainly, or a plate of rubbery scrambled eggs. The Companion Bake House & Café is no slouch when it comes to muffins or eggs, but the thing that should really get you excited about setting the morning alarm is the "Morning Bun." This delectable pastry combines the finest elements of the croissant (flakiness, butteryness) and cinnamon toast (sweetness, spiciness) in one lovely, fist-size roll. Not quite as austere as the unadorned croissant, nor as gooey as the cinnamon roll, the "Morning Bun," along with a cup of coffee, is just the thing to get you to greet the day with joy and optimism. Said bouyancy may evaporate by noon, but that is why it is called a "Morning Bun."

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