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Best Burger St. Louis 2009 - The Royale

The Royale

The Royale

3132 S. Kingshighway Blvd

St. Louis, MO 63139


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Readers' Choice: Blueberry Hill

The Royale's signature burger is called, fittingly enough, "the Royale." You know what they call "the Royale" in France? No, really — what do they call it? (We dropped French after one semester.) According to Yahoo!'s Babel Fish app, you'd ask for huit ounces de boeuf de Wagyu d'Australie. That's half a pound of beef from the revered Wagyu cattle – the breed so esteemed in Japan that farmers treat the cows like, well, royalty. Important: Order "the Royale" rare (or, at most, medium-rare) to enjoy the full flavor of this beef. The taste is so pure — beefy, yes, with mineral and grass notes — that it doesn't need anything else, though cheese and bacon won't hurt. No matter what language you speak, "the Royale" translates as scrumptious.

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The RFT strains its credibility with this review. The burger at The Royale (one of my favorite bars, BTW) is very poor. The patty was clearly frozen and thawed--like the kind you get at Applebees. The vegetables were cut too big. Fat onions, chunky pickles, big slab of lettuce. Made it very hard to eat and it all just fell apart, including the day-old bun it came on. Came with room temperature mushy fries. I laugh every time I drive by the "(One of the) Best Burger in St. Louis!" sign out front.


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