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Best CD Store (Used) St. Louis 2009 - Euclid Records - CLOSED

Euclid Records

Euclid Records

601 E. Lockwood Ave.

Webster Groves, MO 63119


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For reasons that should be obvious, the best used record stores are generally located in close proximity to a college campus. Euclid Records, nestled just steps away from the green academic pastures of Webster University, is no exception. Its constant influx of nearly new CD titles gives it the best selection in the city. But that only accounts for what you'll find in the "just in" bin. The long aisle of alphabetized used CD titles is a trove of musical gems from great indie and college rock to blues, jazz and classic rock. Euclid may be a small store, but it makes up for the limits on quantity with the quality of its used CD titles. Look at it this way: They're sparing you the annoyance of thumbing past multiple, dust-covered copies of Jagged Little Pill just to happen upon a single mint edition of the Verve's Urban Hymns.

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Mike R
Mike R

It's true - Euclid is markedly superior to Vintage (who used to be able to hold their own used-wise) when it comes to used CDs. The just-in bin is constantly full of almost new releases, in great condition, with $5-$8 knocked off the Best Buy price. That's not even accounting for the fact that they often have full discographies in the A-Z rack on the wall. Euclid's not fabulous when it comes to its new selection, but it has new releases covered pretty well. Vintage still has its place but if forced to choose one, anymore I'd have to go with Euclid. It's a much more pleasant/sane shopping experience, too.


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