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Best Country Band (Traditional) St. Louis 2009 - Trigger 5

In 2009 this honky-tonk and rockabilly ensemble released its first album, Heartbreak and Regret, a concept album about the two sides to every "sorry story," with a bonus track called "Cinder Dick." The jokes mostly stop there, however, and the sound of seriously swinging, smooth shuffling and sometimes playful, sometimes poignant, always hard country songwriting takes over. Mike Heeter and Amy James share the vocal spotlight, but it's the band that burns brightest, with slap-bass, understated drumming and a triple-threat string attack of pedal steel, fiddle and unassailably twangy electric guitar.

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Thanks a million to the RFT for these accolades. Nice to know that our hard work carrying the torch of vintage country music is being appreciated - not that it wouldn't be a blast even if nobody was listening.

For the record, lest the readers dismiss "Cinder Dick" as a naughty joke song, that's a Depression-era term for a railroad detective. The one in this song just happens to be seeing visions of men he's already killed as he goes about his business walking his tracks. It's a bonus track because it doesn't fit in with the story of the rest of the album, but we got it done (live) in the studio, and figured it was worth putting out there. I could explain it all day, but better yet, head over to Amazon or the iTunes store and pick up a copy of the album to hear for yourself.

Thanks again, RFT.

-AlexguitarTrigger 5


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