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Best Cover St. Louis 2009 - "Crazy on You"

Heart's dynamic performance at the Illinois State Fair in August proved that the act hasn't lost a vocal step, even after decades together. Equally, uh, heartening was a cameo cover performed by Shara Worden and Becky Stark during orchestral-indie-rockers the Decemberists' sold-out Pageant show this past spring. The two ladies — who as solo artists record under the names My Brightest Diamond (Worden) and Lavender Diamond (Stark) — echoed the powerful pipes of Heart principals Ann and Nancy Wilson for a stunning "Crazy on You." Worden stalked the stage like a cougar on the prowl, her PJ Harvey-meets-Robert Plant voice hitting the high notes with the grace of a trapeze artist, while Stark's movements and wails resembled those of a docile gazelle. The delighted crowd whooped and cheered as the song progressed — and went positively bananas when the pair finally harmonized at the tune's denouement, their voices combining with the sheer force of a hurricane.

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They performed this song in two out of the three shows I've seen this tour. Both times they rocked the crowd!! Everyone went crazy! Videos are available on youtube, but I really hope they record this cover before going their separate ways at the end of the tour.


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