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Best E-Mail Address St. Louis 2009 - Jennifer Blome

The punch line is "Heywood." You know where it goes.

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Gordon Friend
Gordon Friend

I worked for Derek Smith for 4 years at his hotel in Bath ,Hinton Grange .He owes alot of money to many of us here in Bath,England and we are keen to know where he is.I have met Sigillito and others ,have alot of info on Smith ,which I am keen to share with others ,to try and stop the misery that seems to follow him around Enland and now in the US.I think he is a compulsive liar,who has been shown to be untrustworthy.I am due to see him in court on 14 Oct in Bristol,England,but wonder if he is still in the US??.Your comments and answers to these questions would be most helpful.I do have much more on the Uk activities of this "man".Gordon Friend


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