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Best Fried Chicken St. Louis 2009 - Café Lazeez

Café Lazeez

Café Lazeez

14248 Manchester Road

Manchester, MO 63011


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OK, fine: Technically the fried chicken at Café Lazeez isn't fried — at least not in the usual sense. Instead, the chicken served at this tiny establishment (an odd but winning amalgam of traditional Pakistani dishes and American fast food) is "Broasted." Broasting — a trademark, FYI — involves cooking chicken in a device that combines a deep fryer with a pressure cooker. The science isn't exciting, but the result sure is: The chicken's thin batter is exceptionally crisp, and the meat is moist with its own juices — not, as is so often the case, cooking oil. Be warned, however: Café Lazeez's chicken is very spicy. Should it be too spicy, don't fret. The Pakistani side of the menu includes a mango lassi, the perfect cooling beverage.

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Roy Penn
Roy Penn

Although the broasting process is very good, the pieces of chicken we were given were very poor. What was called a "breast" was a twisted knuckle of gristle, ribs and veins - and very difficult to separate the white meat from the maze of interfering elements. I have no idea how the Pakistanis cut this piece of chicken, but I found most of it to be quite unappetizing. The Raita was good, with a chunky texture, which was pleasant. The sauces were OK, but nothing could overcome the bad impression the broasted chicken gave us. They need to be much more careful with their butchering. I will never drive 14 miles to get to this restaurant again.


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