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Best Golf Shop St. Louis 2009 - Golf Galaxy

Golf Galaxy

Golf Galaxy

90 Brentwood Promenade Court

Brentwood, MO 63144


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Bringing up the flaws in someone else's golf game is sensitive business, and unless you're a certified club pro, it probably isn't wise to interject. Chances are your game needs some work, too, bub, and people in glass (club)houses shouldn't throw stones and all that. But let's face it: Your golf buddy's really got issues. He's got the passion, but all the well-intentioned advice and golf-related gadgets in the world aren't gonna fix his slice. Leave it to the pros at Golf Galaxy. That's real pros, as in PGA-certified ones. Besides offering a wide-ranging selection of clubs, shirts, shoes, bags and myriad accessories — not to mention a practice green and a big-screen ball-launch monitor — Golf Galaxy's got the most discreet way in town to help your pop-up prone buddy: gift cards for lessons. There's one for a half-hour of PGA instruction with a pro ($49.99) and another for a trio of lessons ($129.99). Once he's fixed his swing and is ready for an upgrade, Golf Galaxy'll be happy to buy his old clubs. They offer terrific prices for resale equipment.

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