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Best Graffiti Artist St. Louis 2009 - Redd Foxx (a.k.a. Ed Box)

Daring. Creativity. Respect. That's the holy trinity that defines great graffiti artists. Redd Foxx has all three traits in abundance. He routinely hits the most visible (and seemingly impossible-to-reach) places — see his "4Give Yo Self" message scrawled on a building overlooking I-70 downtown and his ten-story-tall tag on the windows of the tallest building in East St. Louis (painted from the inside). For his daring, he and his OFB crew are revered by their peers. For his ambiguous, clever statements and his homage to the groundbreaking St. Louis comedian Redd Foxx, he is admired by casual street-art observers. His straightforward pieces aren't wild style or trendy stencils, and they're the best the city's burgeoning scene has to offer.

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Claudia Reed
Claudia Reed

How would I go about reaching Ed Box / Redd Foxx to hire him to paint a mural on the side of one of our buildings? We're in a tight time crunch, but I can't seem to locate this person, or another talented graffiti artist to help us out. . .


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