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Best Hip-Hop Club St. Louis 2009 - Club Casino - CLOSED

Club Casino

6830 State St.

East St. Louis, IL 62203


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At Club Casino it's hot, sweaty, crowded, loud and the party don't stop till the break of dawn. Da Beano, as regulars call the east-side nightspot, is one of the longest-lived hip-hop clubs in the St. Louis area. Owner Ced Taylor opened the club as a concert venue for R&B acts in the '70s. Now rap superstars such as Gucci Mane host their after-parties at the club, which serves liquor until 6 a.m. Derrty DJs 618 and C-Note spin a steady stream of club bangers, and when the crowd gets too rowdy the fiercest security team in the city, the Goon Squad, steps in to break things up. If you want to pop your collar and drink top shelf, go to the Loft. If you want to get wild, hit up Casino.

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Quincy Holl
Quincy Holl

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susie wilson
susie wilson

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