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Best Live Sound Engineer St. Louis 2009 - Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

3509 Lemp Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63118


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For the true live-music connoisseur, quality sound might be the most important element of a concert experience — even the actual quality of a band's performance takes a back seat. Think about it: Shoddy sound can quickly and completely ruin a night out at a club and have you cursing the waste of the hard-earned $8 that got you in the door. On nights when Ryan Adams mans the controls at Off Broadway, showgoers can rest easy. Adams, a product of Webster University's audio program and the drummer for indie-pop darlings Gentleman Auction House, takes full advantage of the great natural acoustics of the venue, letting pleasant frequencies shine while dialing out unwanted hiss, squeals and squelches. And like any good soundman, Adams knows how to push the PA, making the kick drum thump, the vocals shimmer and the bass rumble, all the while taking care to cut out those nasty, unwanted, tinnitus-inducing squeals.

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ronnie stoops
ronnie stoops

We are looking for a full time sound tech who knows his sh**!. We are a working band playing every weekend if possible and have our own P.A.system all new Mackie gear. Like to have someone with atleast 10 to 12 years of hands on mixing live sound, with a passion for the job.If you have someone in mind we really need to hire someone asap!! Hope you can help. P.S. we are all in our 40's just to let you know we're not some garage band with no talent we all have years of stage experience and we're serious about being and sounding our best. Thanks appreciate your timeRonnie from, Thru the Ashes band

OB's Sun-ThursConcierge
OB's Sun-ThursConcierge

Congrats to Ryan (and all of the great sound technicians at Off Broadway) I am constantly amazed at the magic these guys can do with the eclectic variety of bands and instrument configurations that pass through the club.


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